KIT: Case + 2 Lenses

Kit Include: 1 iPhone Case / 1 Fisheye / 1 Wide-Angle / 1 Lens Case 

  • Most Portable solution on the Market
  • Shock absorbent iPhone Case 
  • 2 Lenses: Fisheye & Wide-Angle 
  • Unique Slim Lens Case 
  • Comfortable Grip and Texture.

Crafted for Quality and Protection. The IMVIO Lens Kit has been designed to capture those epic landscape and tight interior shot with minimal distortion - The Shock Absorbent iPhone case keeps your phone protected while being able to quickly change lenses in the most portable solution on the market. Works with iPhone 5/5s, 6/6S and 6/6S Plus.  


Fisheye & Wide-Angle

Wide-angle lenses

Capture field of view of 90º. We made it perfectly compatible with your iPhone integrated camera. Wide-angle lenses are indispensable when photographing landscapes and adventures.


[powr-photo-gallery id="wide angle"]


Capture fields of view (FOV) of 170°, are readily recognizable by their round image fields.

These spatial distortions can be used creatively and adding all your friends in the picture and have a lot of fun. 

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 Screw-Fit attachment. 

Every IMVIO Case is crafted of shock-absorbent plastic that has a soft touch. Integrated lens screw fit for quick and secure placement and removal of the lens. Your iPhone stays protected at all time. While you enjoy you adventure.

Unique Slim Lens Case

We made Word First Lens case to carry your lenses everywhere you go. You don't have to worry about their safety when you are simply enjoying the beauty of the world, it comes with a carabiner hook that makes it easy to clip on you key, bag or anything that you are carrying. 

Shock Absorbant iPhone Case

Crafted for Quality and Protection. The IMVIO Cases was built to bounce back from everyday drops in life. The screw-fit system is integrated so you can add lenses (Only IMVIO Lenses fits) - Made of Shock Absorbent material to keep your iPhone protected against drop and shock.


Check out this quick video on how to use IMVIO: